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How Gift Vouchers Could Save Your Business In The Beauty Industry

How Gift Vouchers Could Save Your Business In The Beauty Industry

How Gift Vouchers Could Save Your Business In The Beauty Industry

Even though the beauty industry is suffering, and sales are constantly decreasing, the holiday season could be your business’ chance to make a comeback. Using our blank gift vouchers, your business can improve sales and profit during the holidays. A gift voucher allows your clients to find easy holiday gifts during their appointment without going out of their way to go gift shopping. This then increases your immediate sales and even builds a new referral-built client base for the future! Choose from a wide variety of designs for different salons to find the perfect match for your business. While you’re looking, browse a wide range of Christmas cards PLUS enjoy a free envelope for every card and voucher ordered! 

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The Ways GDPR Affects the Beauty Salon Sector 

The Ways GDPR Affects the Beauty Salon Sector 

In case you aren’t aware, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which replaced the Data Protection Act of 1998. As it relates to salons and barbershops, GDPR refers to all the personal data a hair/beauty salon or barbershop possesses about their clients – both electronically on computers and physically on paper (for example, client health questionnaires). It is safest to assume that it also covers personal information possessed in any format.

Under GDPR, you need to review all of your contact information and the way you utilize it, including email addresses, postal addresses, text and mobile phone numbers. 

The changes GDPR brings will help reduce spam emails, cold calls and junk mail, but if your business isn’t ready, it could also lead to a crippling fine. For smaller operations, the fine is two-percent of the global annual turnover, or up to £9m. The bottom line, though, is this: It is now more important than ever as a salon owner to both understand and comply with the new GDPR regulations. In an industry built upon retained client databases and substantial amounts of personal information, GDPR will have a huge effect on how you handle both client and staff data within your salon. 

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What You Need to Know 

The new regulations offer the “right to be forgotten,” meaning that clients or staff can request that you delete their information at any point; it also grants them the “right to access,” which equates to giving them the right to access what information you hold about them at any time. 

If your salon business is already complying with the current DPA standards, you are in good shape for the GDPR changes that are rolling out. The new changes to the law reinforce the importance of having a grasp on how personal information is stored – if you don’t feel organized, use this opportunity to tighten up this integral part of your business operations. 

How GDPR Affects the Data Management Software You Use 

Your electronic client database undoubtedly stores a myriad of details, including personal contact information, any product allergies, colour notes and appointment schedules. Because it is unlikely that your system will be regularly sending out automated information such as appointment reminders and newsletters, this is an area you will need to review to ensure that the entire electronic system complies with GDPR

Out of the gate, we advise you to take note of what information the system holds, where the data comes from and how it is being used. Of particular importance is all of the communications the software performs on your behalf; we recommend getting in touch with your software provider to ask about updates to their systems with regard to the GDPR changes as well as for any general advice you require. 

How it Affects Your Salon’s Marketing Efforts 

This is the area that we have some particular expertise in. One of the biggest changes to be aware of is that GDPR will affect your salon marketing, so if you send clients appointment reminders, newsletters, birthday greetings or promotional offers, they must actively agree to receive this marketing collateral from you under the new GDPR regulations. This means, put simply, that they must actively choose to opt in to receive it; if anyone opts out, you should remove them from your database. 

Finally, every piece of marketing material sent out must contain a clear and obvious option to unsubscribe and remove consent. 

Where You Should Begin 

Where do you begin to become GDPR compliant? We recommend three things: 

• Start with a large data audit by examining and making notes on the information you hold in all forms, who gave you the information and where you attained it, if you have clear permission to use the information and who can access this information. 

• If you hold data on any child under the age of 16, you will need consent from a parent or guardian to store their personal information. 

• Ensure that you have a clear privacy notice

Rest assured that when you order your salon stationery products from us, we have you prepared for the GDPR changeover.

If you’re ready to showcase your data professionalism to your clients, proving that you care about their privacy, we have a ready-made set of cards specifically designed for GDPR for salons like you (click HERE to buy your pack of GDPR cards).  Thousands of other salon owners in the UK are already distributing these cards to their clients … ensure you don’t start protecting your salon too late.

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Dear Valued Buyers…Can We Ask a Favour?


Dear Valued Buyers…Can We Ask a Favour?

Ready to be featured in some snapshots? Put your best smile on, because we are looking to get a photo from you, preferably depicting you holding one of our cards in your hand or perhaps showing off the cards (loyalty, gift, client or appointment cards) on display in your salon…all so that we can share them on our sites.

Best of all, if you send us a photo via email, you will receive a coupon code (30% OFF) for your next order. We will also hold a raffle at the end of the month, and the winner will receive a generous gift voucher to use in our store.

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Beauty UK - Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd May.

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