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Safe Laser for Massage Therapists

 Safe Laser and Massage Therapists

Providing different types of massage techniques is what all good massage therapists can offer their clients as they try and help them relieve pain and other problems. Our Safe Laser products can boost these results, as the additional treatment works on joints, tissues and ligaments while reducing the recovery time and providing solutions for many different injuries and health problems.

If you are a massage therapist looking to take your practice to the next level, look to Safe Laser to help in situations where massage techniques are not possible. In extending your treatment offerings, we highly recommend the use of our SL-500 laser, which can treat your clients’ tissues up to 8 centimetres in depth. You can also offer low-level laser therapy treatment (LLLT) combined with your standard technique, or as an individual treatment.

Massage and laser therapy complement each other, enhancing the overall treatment and bringing faster and lasting results. Other key benefits of using Safe Laser for massage therapy routines include:

  • Easy to use during massage treatment
  • Boosts massage results
  • Offers a 2 in 1 treatment approach

 Safe Laser and Physio Therapists

Our laser products can also be beneficial for physical therapists, reducing pain and swelling in affected joints and helping both elderly patients with chronic arthritis and young athletes with acute joint or muscle sprains. Most conditions that result in a visit to a therapist encompass a degree of inflammation and pain, and these symptoms typically result in functional limitations, decreased strength and impaired mobility.

Rehab professionals are determined, in their work, to counteract such problems through a combination of manual therapy, activity-based procedures and a healthy dose of patient education. Occasionally, modern technology lends a hand in the form of physical modalities – one of which is the use of low level laser therapy.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) uses light boasting specific characteristics to treat medical conditions, with low level laser devices producing therapeutic effects via non-thermal absorption of photons by cells. Further, LLLT has been shown to hasten the inflammatory process through mitochondrial chromophore stimulation, which increases respiratory chain activity and enhances ATP synthesis, cellular repair and reproduction.